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Heating System Tune Up Maintenance $49.95

Tighten and dust off wiring, contacts, capacitors, relays and connections.
Clean and adjust burners to maximize furnace efficiency.
Inspect the heat exchange for cracks with a video camera.
Visually inspect the gas pressure and flame operation.
Inspect for proper operation of igniter or pilot.
Vacuum indoor filter (filter will be replaced if you supply one)
Check for proper airflow, inspection of duct work to ensure peak performance.
Tests exhaust system for proper venting.
Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency
Blower Motor- measure amperage and voltage for proper operation.
Inspect all fittings for signs of oil and/or leakage.

Air Conditioning Tune Up Maintenance $49.95

1. Measure refrigerant level
2. Inspect fins for free air flow
3. Dust off capacitor ,transformer and contactor
4. Test compressor efficiency
5. Dust off electric wires
6. Test capacitor for electric load
7. Inspect line set for refrigerant leak.

Air Duct Cleaning Maintenance $49.95

Install the duct mounting flange and attach the flex duct with a quick connect clamp.
The other end of the flex duct will be attached to the negative pressure machine,
Leave open all the registers in the house that we have access.
Run the system for 20 minutes. Vacuum all the registers in the house.
Inspect the duct system for air flow.

Refrigerator Coil Cleaning Maintenance $29.95

The coil will be accessible from one of two places:
Rear access panel. If not found behind the toe space, the refrigerator will have to be slid away from the wall .
Disconnect water supply lines if too short to allow enough room to work.
Remove the fasteners that holds an access panel in position.
The condenser coil may be flat, but will likely be cylindrical in shape when located here.
With a plastic crevice or brush attachment, carefully vacuum dirt and dust wherever it is seen.
Use care not to damage the fins or coil. Vacuum the fan. Brush away stubborn dirt and dust
Slide refrigerator back. Plug the refrigerator Arrange any water supply lines.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Maintenance $29.95

Remove lint trap and remove any lint from the screen.
Using a brush bend the brush and run it inside the lint trap.
Vacuum to suck up any lint.
Pull the dryer away from the wall and disconnect the exhaust duct tube from the wall and vacuum to clean out both the dryer and wall ports. use the vacuum to Clean out the dryer exhaust tube.
Unscrew the dryer cover and vacuum and clean the gas burner and the inside component. Screw on the dryer cover.
Vacuum off the back of the dryer, and the wall behind.
Re-attach the dryer tube to the wall and the dryer.
Gently push the dryer back towards the wall being careful not to crush the tube.
Insert the cleaning tube and run it inside the dryer vent, until lint will cease to come out.
Collect all the lint and clean the area.
Go inside and turn the dryer off.

Range Hood Cleaning Maintenance $29.95

Remove the range hood filter and clean it outside the house and let it dry.
Clean the range hood parts with soap and towel.
Bring the range hood filter and install it.

Clean Bathroom Vent Maintenance $9.95

We will vaccuum and clean all the vents in the bathrooms.

Your home has humidity problems.

Poor equipment operation, inadequate equipment, and leaky ductwork can cause the air to be too dry in the winter or too humid in the summer.

Your home has excessive dust.

Leaky ducts can pull particles and air from attics, crawl spaces and basements and distribute them throughout your house. Sealing your ducts may be a solution.

Your heating or cooling system is noisy.

You could have an undersized duct system or a problem with the indoor coil of your cooling equipment.

Your score on the Home Energy Yardstick is below five.

That means your energy use at home is above average and you’re probably paying more than you need to on energy bills.